Essential checklist for exporting to Poland

Exporting may help to boost your turnover and extend your business.

There are many benefits of exporting your products and services to Poland – from its huge number of domestic consumers (38m), through its strategic location and dynamic, continuously-growing market. However, to be able to tap into this potential, you’ll need to make sure you and your business are ready for all the challenges and opportunities that await. Here are three things you’ll need to consider, which will help you pave a successful path into the Polish market.

1. Do your research

Even if your products are great and unique on the domestic market, entering a new country may be full of pitfalls. Before you start your adventure in Poland, make sure you know your competition and have a clear picture of your potential consumers. Where and how will they find out about your business? Why would they buy from you? Are you sure you know all the regulations, legal requirements and the tax system? Check if there’s a demand for your products and services, and then prepare your marketing strategy, logistics and distributor base.

2. Adapt your products

Once your market research is ready, it’s time to consider any changes that your business and products may need to undergo. From the logo and name to packaging and colours – there are many areas where you can tweak your product and adapt it to the new market, new culture and new expectations or requirements. Without the cultural knowledge, how will you know if your product name isn’t offensive, or if the slogan doesn’t sound too vague? Finally, remember that your labels and packaging have to be in Polish as well (this sounds obvious, but it’s a huge pitfall).

3. Create an online presence

Adaptation of your products goes far beyond the store shelf. Customising your online presence and preparing for the Polish website users is the next step on the road to success. Large Internet penetration rate in Poland means that there are about 25m users (according to Internet Live Stats) who can find your products online and interact with your brand. Ideally your business website should be adapted to the Polish consumers, which can be achieved with effective localisation and translation. The same goes for social media and all kinds of advertisement. Images, banners, slogans, calls to action and even texts types that you display on your products and website will need to be modified and customised to your target customers to make your brand more attractive and trustworthy.


Exporting may help to boost your turnover and extend your business. Developing a realistic export plan and including market trends and cultural information in your market entry strategy will make it easier to reach these targets and open your door to success. For further help and advice on your export strategy, please contact our friendly team of experts.

Photo credit: D.Pawlak

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