How localisation can help you achieve an international success

Localisation can be a key factor in your business success. Whether you’re starting, growing or expanding your business, it’s one thing you can do to reach new markets and attract more customers. There are many ways in which localisation can help you take your business to the next level. Let’s have a look at how it builds your path to the international success.

More visitors, more customers, more revenue

Once your website and marketing materials are localised and properly adapted to another culture, you’ll be able to build you presence in the new market. There’s no doubt that users prefer to browse websites in their own language and buy products only if they understand the content and can use their local payment methods. According to the study run by Common Sense Advisory 

”over 50 % of online consumers purchase products and services only from websites in their language”.

For example, if you’re targeting the Polish market, adapting your whole website or selected pages to the Polish users will help you meet their needs and expectations. This in turn will help you achieve higher and gain trust and loyalty of your potential customers. And that’s an important step on the road to success. Consumers who trust your brand and understand your message convert easier and you’ll be able to quickly build your customer base on the new market.

Advantage over competition

Depending on your niche and industry, staying ahead of the competition in your home and target market might be challenging. Especially, if you’re planning to grow globally and offer your products and services in multiple countries. Correct localisation will help you stand out from your competitors and offer content that is perfectly tailored to every single region. Even if your competition already offers multilingual websites, you can go a step further and not only translate, but also localise items such as graphics, layout or payment methods and add more local news about your business activity or create promotions for the local holidays. Localising your social media content is another great way to differentiate your business, increase your online presence and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

The roads to the international success are many, but not many are as simple and effective as localisation. Once it’s done correctly, you can easily grow and expand your business to tap into new markets and become a globally recognised brand.

Are you planning to offer your website in other languages?

Maybe you have a localised website already?

What do you think are other benefits of website localisation?


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