Effective Sales and Marketing Principles to Grow International Business Online

Our Webinar on Effective Sales and Marketing Principles to Grow International Business Online is open for registration.

Join our international business and localisation experts for a live, interactive webinar packed with insight, learning and discovery. We will be focusing on teaching you the most effective sales and marketing principles for growing your international business online.

This free webinar will explore the impact of translation and localisation on international sales. We will cover topics such as ecommerce, your website, your social media presence and marketplaces in global context. We will provide business insights on trends and best practices, as well as which sales and marketing principles to use (and which to avoid). You will discover what works in international sales and marketing, as well as what doesn’t, plus a load of other top tips on how to accelerate your success.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask our experts your most pressing questions, and all attendees will receive free access to the materials once the live webinar is over.

This webinar is for you if you are:

  • A Sales and Marketing professional responsible for business growth through online channels in international markets
  • A new or aspiring business owner/founder/exporter preparing to enter foreign markets
  • An existing business owner/founder/exporter who would like to improve your online presence in foreign markets, increase your online sales and grow faster than your competition.
Effective Sales and Marketing Principles to Grow International Business Online

Effective Sales and Marketing Principles to Grow International Business Online

Target Group Examples:

  • Business Owners/ Founders/Managing Directors
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Export Managers responsible for export sales
  • Exporters looking to grow their business online
  • Entrepreneurs interested in growing their business internationally
  • Marketing and Sales professionals
  • Digital Marketers

What you’ll learn during the webinar:

  • Global sales opportunities and trends (e-commerce, website and social media)
Global sales opportunities and trends (e-commerce, website and social media)

by Translate Your Business Limited

  • Why translation and localisation play an important role in marketing products/services globally

by Translate Your Business Limited

  • Website Localisation Case Studies

by Translate Your Business Limited

  • Effective selling via online marketplaces in foreign languages

by Translate Your Business Limited

  • Social Media Localisation Case Studies

by Translate Your Business Limited

  • Useful expert tips
Natalia Skorczewska and Dorota Pawlak

by Translate Your Business Limited

We’ll run a Q&A session at the end, and participants will also get access to discounted translation and localization packages. Plus, we’ll be providing a free translation and localization audit (in one language) to select attendees who provide their website address during the webinar registration process.

About Your Hosts

This exciting 1-hour webinar will be packed with enough visual variety and content diversity to keep your attention, and will be presented by Translate Your Business experts in international business and localisation.

Natalia Skorczewska is an English-Polish economist and linguist who specialises in international business development and marketing. Natalia is the founder and CEO of Translate Your Business Limited, and helps plan and implement export and multi-lingual marketing strategies so businesses can grow their sales in foreign markets.

Dorota Pawlak is a Polish-English –German localisation specialist with many years of experience, and represents our Localisation and Translation Team. We specialise in translating and adapting multi-lingual content. From formal business communication and legal documents, to websites, social media channels and print marketing materials, it is our job to make sure all of your text is in the correct target language, and using the right cultural settings.

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