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Company growth is predicated on increasing sales. Import sales; export sales; online sales; offline sales - the more products and services you sell - the more you grow.

If you represent a small or medium sized enterprise and want to enter new export markets including Poland, Germany, and France to name a few, TYBTM offers you the road to success. We guide you through planning and implementing your bespoke export strategy while providing commercial and linguistic solutions that effectively deliver your brand message.


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As a relationship driven enterprise we partner with clients to develop, customize, market and translate your road to


Transparency coupled with industry specific strategic research and marketing form the ground work for everything we do

for you.

  • Języki obce Languages

    Top-level multiple language translations and localisations services are combined with business strategy to help you achieve and surpass your goals.

  • Rynek Market

    Our experts’ detailed market knowledge and hands on experience doing business throughout the EU and the UK enables us to prepare your business for its next challenge.

  • Strategia Approach

    We devise and implement tailored digital, marketing, language and business strategies to ensure your international sales success.

  • Korzyści Benefits

    We support the start, growth and expansion of your export business into a new or existing market throughout the EU, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  • People Team

    We are dedicated to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and take great pride in your successes. We also love what we do; that’s why we believe in honesty, warmth, friendliness, and professionalism when working with each and every client.

  • Wartości Values

    We are committed to innovation based on solid research, quality, bespoke services, support, collaboration, and full transparency.

  • International Marketing

    International Marketing Team

  • Digital Technology and Design Team

    Digital Technology Team

  • Localisation and Translation Team

    Translation and Localisation Team

  • Content Strategy and Copywriting Team

    Content Strategist Team

  • Business Consultancy Team

    Business Strategist Team

  • Cross-Cultural Training Team

    Cross-cultural Team

  • Fashion and Retail Business Development Team

    Fashion Team

Your international trade growth needs to begin with answering

 “Where is the best place for us to implement a sales expansion effort?”

your journey

  • I want to identify the primary decision maker(s) when searching for new clients or business partners
  • I want to reduce marketing costs when doing business in an overseas market
  • I want to establish an initial dialogue in the language of my prospective customers or business partners
Ready to start

your potential

  • I want to gain an advantage over my competition by enhancing the value of my products and services
  • I want to strengthen relationships with key customers
  • I want a successful and sustainable business strategy for entering a new export market
Ready to grow

your possibilities

  • I want to build business relationships with key influencers and decision makers to make my products and/or services available to a broader geographic audience
  • I want to enhance my brand, reputation and image in a foreign market
  • I want to convey evidence of my company's long-term commitment to the new export market
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Language Services

Localisation and Translation

In-Person Business Interpreting

  • On-site and Online services throughout the EU and the UK
  • Remote support via video calling
  • Experienced professionals with accredited knowledge of your sector
  • Regain your competitive edge with expert language support
  • Attend and exhibit at trade fairs with confidence
  • Increase your networking and negotiating power

International Business and Cross-Cultural Training

  • Language management strategy training
  • Webinars, online courses and on-site training
  • Website audits to identify linguistic and cultural issues
  • Marketing video review for international growth
  • Open up your business to new international opportunities
  • Engage your new audience with cross-cultural communications they relate to and value
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TYB - our services
Our services

Digital and Business Services

Digital Technology and Design

  • Corporate identity, design elements and brand positioning
  • Search engine management; market analysis, planning and managing online marketing campaigns
  • Social media management, successful profiles and campaigns
  • Ensuring  your business is backed up with strong and easily identifiable branding
  •  E-commerce design and development solutions

Business Development and Consultancy

  • Bespoke projects and packages
  • Preliminary one-to-one analysis
  • Full audit and tailored reports
  • Marketing, language and IT management
  • Specialist support for your business
  • Detailed strategies to start, grow and expand your export and/or import business

Language Management and Digital Marketing

  • Professional translators, interpreters, and specialist marketers
  • Linguistic and cultural adaptations for your target market
  • Bespoke cultural consultations according to your objectives
  • Adaptation of product packaging and communications to specific markets
  • Forging links with in-country organisations
  • Expert language support at every stage
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